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September 23rd 

10am till 4pm 

$ 160 

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Chantal is a professional qualified Spiritual Counsellor, completing her course in 2007 at ICCS (Institute of Counselling & Community Studies -Provider No. 21357/ CHC50702) Melbourne Australia.

She completed her Nursing Assistance Age Care 1998. Certificate III in Community Services Age Care Worker. CHC 30199. Nursing assistance with Palliative Care -Provider No 0275/ CHC40108. 

Melbourne Australia.

She is also a Motivational Public Speaker and Life Coach  Life Coaching To Shine  ABN: 22076375466

helping many people to find meaning and purpose in your life by guiding you to reach your ultimate goal.

Chantal holds a Certificate of Mediumship and is also trained in Metaphysics and Metaphysical Counselling.

In 2007, shortly after finishing her Diploma she moved to Brisbane, Queensland making this her new home. She is a dedicated Mother of four adult children and a loving grandmother. She is also a member of the Brisbane Spiritual Church.

Chantal conducts platform evidential Mediumship and has travelled mostly to the Queensland outback of Australia and Darwin sharing her gift as a Spiritual Counsellor Psychic Medium working with family's, individual and the community she is down to earth and will make you feel comfortable.

She is honest and will say things how they are straight to the point. 

Chantal also participates in mediumship workshops with other Mediums around the world.

Chantal is a natural Psychic Medium Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Claircognizance

"Meaning Clear Knowing".

She is sensory (smell, taste, feel and hear spirit). She is 5th in generation in her family and has combined her spiritual counselling with her Psychic Medium abilities to be achieve a higher definition, while allowing a deeper connection to loved ones in spirit giving you clarity and peacefulness, knowing that your loved ones are around.


Chantal understands what it is to grieve with the loss of a loved one and to be vulnerable, that is why she works with dignity, respect and ethics.

Chantal is an Evidential Medium. Meaning she will give you evidence of the spirit that has made contact that is somehow connected to you, by describing their personalities, characters or another significant identity that only you would understand. For example, they will come through with a cigarette or painting, swimming, riding a horse and so on...




She offers services for families and individuals.

You can also see Chantal for Spiritual counselling, life coaching, mentoring and guidance.

  • Community

  •  Educational facility 

  • Corporate

  • Work site


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